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At the beginning of each minute complete 5 burpees then do max reps of 60kg thrusters for the rest of the minute, then it’s “Burpee time” again.

The goal is to complete 100 thrusters

* Kalsu is one of the hero WOD’s. Lots of armed forces personnel use CrossFit as their conditioning program and the hero WOD’s are named after soliders who have been killed in action.
Picture: Nick, Tom, & Liz busting out Thrusters during “Kalsu”.


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  1. Tom & Nick both @ 35kg- completed 60 and 65 thrusters respectively in 20 minutes.
    Liz @8 kg- completed 92 Thrusters in 20 Mins

    Becky- @ 8kg/ 3 burpees per minute finished all 100 thruters in 16mins
    Robyn @ 18kg/ 3 burpees per minute completed 87 thrusters in 20 minutes

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